About the project

The IN-Life project (Integration Through Sustainable Lifestyle) is a European educational project involving four countries - Germany, Italy, France and Scotland.


The aim is to bring newcomers, refugees and immigrants in these countries closer to a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life in order to facilitate their integration. There will be no new courses developed for this, but existing integration and language courses will be expanded and enriched with new resources.


There is a great need for this. In general, environmental problems (waste separation, waste reduction, recycling) and energy saving (heating and ventilation, electricity and water saving) are rare in integration and language courses. Teachers who want to include environmental issues in their curriculum are often required to create their own materials.


The project is aimed directly at language teachers, for whom an online learning platform will be developed for independent use, to support their teaching with innovative materials (documents, guides, games, exercises, etc.). This online learning platform can be used by teaching staff directly in the classroom.


IN-Life will benefit language teachers and immigrants thanks to the development of new and accessible teaching materials.


The project’s objectives will be achieved when sustainability is embedded within language teaching, encouraging a greater awareness of environmental issues and thereby promoting integration.